Quickbase Consulting, Administration, and Development

QuickBase is a cloud-based workspace that helps teams get more done with business apps that match their exact processes. With Quickbase we can easily customize and build configurable business applications to collaborate on data, automate workflows and share actionable reports. With Quickbase we can improve your productivity very quickly. We have been working with Quickbase building custom line of business solutions for more than ten years.

Here are a few items we could assist you with:

  • Improve pipeline management by increasing the visibility of data to help your team quickly identify opportunities at each stage in the sales cycle.
  • Make stronger decisions and empower your sales team by giving them access to the most important information 24/7 on any device, where ever they are.
  • Improve accountability with personalized notifications when new tasks are assigned or deadlines are approaching.
  • Workflow Automation
  • Quickly customize your sales management applications to match your unique sales process and terminology with no code or IT assistance required.
  • Integrate your systems via web services
  • Convert your Invaluable Spreadsheets to real software that runs in the cloud
  • Sales pipeline
  • Mobile sales agent
  • Order processing
  • Integration with ERP, accounting and order processing systems, website, etc
  • Call center (including integration with telephony)
  • Google AdWords integration

If you are looking for a Quickbase Developer, Consultant or Administrator, please contact us here or give us a call at (615) 490-0773 so we can discuss your project.